Saturday, May 6, 2017

Edwardian Lawn Dress

From the seller:

This is an antique ladies Edwardian lingerie dress.

This dress is white cotton and lace.

22" waist
36" chest diameter
52" long

This dress is in "as found" condition--it has a couple of small yellow stains but it has not been cleaned or pressed.

It does have some wear: there is deterioration on the top of one shoulder;
it has two repairs (one is under the right arm, the other is under the left chest ruffle);
it also has one small 1/4" hole on the bottom and a 1" tear in the lace along the bottom edge;

Still a really beautiful display piece that should clean up nicely.

From Me:

I'm pretty sure this was for a teenager based on the length and waist size. It reminds me a lot of this dress from 1905 due to the way the blouse is trimmed:

1905 dress

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