Thursday, October 18, 2012

1860's Plaid Dress

From the seller:

This seems to be an early Victorian dress. It consists of a small bodice and a very full skirt. The material is silk with breakage and shattering. I don't know if this could be worn. It could be used for a pattern or for the non-shattered silk. The skirt might be wearable for costume (as well as the top if you are very very small). Nice brown and green silk plaid pattern with a kind of sheen to it. Large flat rate because it's puffy, but if I can send it cheaper I'll refund the difference.

From Me:

Based on the style of the bodice (short, no point, trim placement), the sleeves (rounded with low shoulders), and the skirt, this looks to be mid 1860's.


  1. Cool fabric! Occasionally I'm surprised how much Victorian silks, especially, look like modern home dec prints...this is one of those times. :D

    1. There are some truly wild fabrics in the Victorian age but the Rococco ones in the 18th C? I still think they were high when they designed those!