Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Teens Era Pink Dress (?)

From the seller:

This is a beautiful Edwardian silk gown. The dress is a chiffon over a china silk print lining. At the squared neckline it is open at middle with lace showing both front and back which is over netting. There are either pink or clear opalescent sequins all around the neckline also front and back. The pink china silk lining has a print of white circles with whitie dots on both sides. See pics. On the bodice you can see through the chiffon to see some lace and small area of the patteren silk. The lace shows through more promnently the patten does not. At the waist there is a wide black velvet waist band. There are short sleeves slit at the top half and pointed at the ends which also have some sequins.The skirt of this one piece dress has a long lining of the pink pattened silk with chiffon over that is trimmed with a few sequins on the front of the skirt ,edging of the chiffon is trimmed with double rows of sequins on the hem. There are 2 panels that are sewn at each side both trimmed with double rows of sequins all around the edge. There are many eye hooks and snaps at the waist band and waist of skirt and snaps at the bodice and eyehooks for netting under lace. The waist bodice and skirt are sewn together with a cram waistband inside which looks like grosgrain with lines - almost each line is split but the band is sewn in well and not in need of replacing yet. Seems stong despite the separations in this fabric.

It is shown and fits well on mannequin size bust 34, waist 26, hips 36 length is 51 inches, shoulder to shoulder is 17.5 inches.

Condition good with exception of tear on one shoulder that could be reinforced with matching silk and perhaps sequins over to cover any issues.There are a few sequins missing and silk lining has a couple of spots. Would give a billowy appearance when walking. Very nice example of this era.

More to come

From Me:

I'm a bit hesitant to post this one because I *think* it might be a recreation. The sequin trim looks too modern to my eye. Any one else think this might be a fake rather than the real deal? It has the correct cuts and types of fabric but the fact there aren't any pictures of the back and that trim is throwing me for a loop.


  1. It's late teens to early 1920s, I'd say. That type of sequin popped up around then. It's the crazy-dark velvet waistband that's not jiving with me, but just because it's not my taste doesn't mean it's not antique, though I'm kinda afraid that if there was a picture of the back, we might discover that someone put in a nasty plastic zipper!

  2. I'm leaning towards "genuine antique gown that fell into the hands of a hapless high school theatre cast dresser." The pink sheer fabric shows some real age and the under-skirt looks totally correct, but the whole "Titanic Barbie" effect with the sequins seems like a more recent offense.