Thursday, October 18, 2012

For my 800th Post....

From the seller:

This auction is for a very rare 1830's roller print dress with gigot sleeves. It will come to the winning bidder with the family tree which dates back to the 1700's. This is out of a very prominant estate in Woodstock, Vermont with early government ties. This antique dress is sold as-is and can only be used for display. Beautiful floral and large urn roller print alternating with brown and blue striped pattern. Entirely hand sewn with very early hook & hand sewn eye closure in back. High waist, beautifully gathered bodice. Fine matching hand rolled piping details. Large puffed gigot style sleeves. The color is not as faded & yellowed as the distant photos make it appear...this is my flash. See closeups for true fabric coloring. Fully lined bodice . This is a very primitive article of clothing that would finish off any bedroom displayed on an early dress form. I will give no measurements as this is far to fragile to wear! There is some damage at the top hook area back neckline. There are multiple tears within the gathers of the bodice, but it is so tightly gathered it is not seen unless you spread the gathers, which is good for display purposes. There is a large tear down the center dress back below the waist and several smaller tears in front below the waist...but still substancial tears. Each sleeve has a tear in the upper puff and the right sleeve cuff is badly damaged. This is as-is but an exceptionally hard era of clothing to find intact. The roller print fabric pattern is amazing and typical for the early 1800's. There are a couple of tiny rust spots here or there but no obvious stains on the very early fabric. Please remember to view the closeup photos for true coloring...this is a beauty despite it's rough condition. Sold returns. Please remember that this dress is nearly 200 years old.

From Me:

For my 800th post here on blogger, I wanted to show off something "special" I found on ebay. I hope you agree, this hits the mark. It's an early 1830's roller print dress. I <3 it so much! It's colorful, and look at that neckline! (don't worry, she would have worn a kerchief!). Lovely!

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