Thursday, July 24, 2014

1867 Plaid Wrapper Dress

From the seller:

Spectacular green & blue plaid silk maternity (?) bustle dress from the mid 1800's for study and/or display. It has 3 rows of black velvet along both sides of the black fabric covered buttons, black velvet accents on the beautiful bustle area in the back and as well as along the cuffs.

It has 5 button closure at the top (the top 2 buttons are missing) and then 4 hook and eye closure near the waist and the rest of the way down it is faux buttons (that do not open). There is piping along the shoulder area. It is lined in brown and lots of handsewing on it as well as a few repairs, all of the black velvet ribbon was hand sewn on. In the pocket was a tie with tassels on the end that has a small silk ribbon flower on it that is included but the tassels needs some straightening. Possibly this was used as a robe also? It has a label showing the original owner and the year "Helen Sergeant c. 1867".

There are some spots where the silk has ripped and worn as shown, wear areas along the button holes that need to be handled with care, ripped area and wear along the hemline as well as some areas that would need repair and I think it would be better for display and/or study than to wear as I think there are areas that might not withstand wearing. One of the cuffs is not attached also. But for being about 147 years old and silk I don't think it's too bad. It measures:

•about 53 1/2" shoulder to hemline in the front and much longer in the back at 59"

•about 15" shoulder to shoulder

•32-36" bustline (hard to measure because it's made a bit differently at the bustline)

•about 38-40" waistline

•19" sleeves and about 21" with the fold up cuffs

•Very full at the hemline and the back center waist had lots of pleats making

• it full for the bustle (and/or baby)

Gorgeous example of womens clothing in the mid 1800's. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

From Me:

It very much looks like it could be from 1867 to me. :-) I'll be at Pennsic for the next couple of weeks stuck in the early 16th Century. I probably won't be able to post at all until nearly mid August. See you all then!


  1. Will do! Many pictures and ridiculousness of all the fun on my other blog when I get back. :-)