Thursday, July 24, 2014

1880's Bustle Era Outfit

From the seller:

Fresh from a local estate is this antique 2 piece Victorian dress in a taffeta type material and velvet in a very pretty blue. All hand made with some later adjustments at the waist of the skirt that will need repair but not seen with the jacket over the skirt. There is also a portion of the bottom ruffle that will need to be repaired and some stitching has come out. The skirt has lots of ruffles and a bustle in the back. The jacket is very form fitting and very well made with steel cut button at the top and buttons with fluer de lea symbols on them. Perfect for study or display and I would say a very small ladies size. I also will be listing 2 black pieces with lots of lace and beading from the same estate.

From Me:

I almost think this might be a really good reproduction but everything is done in the 1880's style.

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