Saturday, July 19, 2014

American Civil War Era Evening Bodice with Sleeves!

From the seller:

This bodice is from the Civil War era and is made of a a beautiful striped light tan with floral designs. It is the same material as another one listed. Sorry to say no skirt. The front neckline is piped with dropped shoulders. Just below the dropped shoulders are gathers they then fall very wide. One sleeve has all the fringe trim double row on top then at bottom of sleeve single row of fringe. Among this fringe are golden crochet balls. Many have either fallen off or been taken off and they were included with the bodice. The other sleeve only has one row of fringe at the top. The neckline is double piped. Hem and shoulders are also piped except where the bodice was taken apart. Any stays were most likely taken out as well. One stay is under the back under the eyes. The inside is lined with a cream cotton. The sleeves are lined in a cream silk part way up and the end of the cream silk lining is pleated. Back closure is with eye hooks.

Measurements are approximate - bust 30 inches waist 24 inches across back about 14 inches,. length 12 and sleeve length about 21 inches. there would be a great display piece.
Condition - very good - fringe missing on one sleeve, pin holes from where bodice was taken out.Tiny hole at back of one sleeve. Silk is strong and no underarm discoloration. There looks like a couple of areas with very light discoloration.Lining has some light discoloration. This would display beautifully. Check out the other bodice of same material from same estate on auction.

From Me:

See the previous post for the day bodice and the Bertha that goes with this bodice. This is another bodice restyled from an older gown. The sleeves give away the late 1850's look but the waistline is in keeping with the later part of the American Civil War.

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