Wednesday, July 9, 2014

1880's Bustle Era Dress

From the seller:


The antique clothing and hats, I will be listing over the next month, were recently acquired from the sale of items owned by a Museum in Rochester, NY. I am pleased to have the opportunity to handle these items and offer them for sale.

This dress was too small at the waist to close on my dress form.

A very rare, original, 1870's Victorian Bustle Dress that consists of two separate garments. There is a dress that goes on top of a skirt. The material of the dress has the appearance of silk ribbons woven into silk material. The colors used are baby blue and ivory. It has blue silk ruffles on the sleeves, neck, and hemline. Underneath the blue ruffles is a sheer silk, ruffled, material. There are navy (almost black) velvet bows on the front, sleeves and back. The front closes by 13, lovely, hand crocheted blue buttons (see photo). The top of this dress, to just below the hips, is lined in silk (that is why the top appears lighter then the bottom) and has a strap on the inside that appears to connect at the waist (see photo). There are also stays sewn in the back of the bodice from the waist down about 8". Inside the bottom of the dress (in the back) are several pieces of cord like material that connected to something. The underskirt appears to be made out of an open weave, cotton type, material on top and at the bottom the material is the same as the dress (with ruffles and lace trim). The museum has a tag sewn into the back of the neck of the dress, with a number on it, and they also wrote another number on the lining next to it (see photo, does not show on the outside). I have all the tags that the museum had with this dress and they will be sent with it (one tag has the name of the person who donated it to the museum).

Measurements: As this is a vintage item, we make no guarantees regarding fit. All measurements are approximate, and returns based on individual fit will not be accepted...DRESS MEASUREMENT...Bust: 32" (measurement taken under arms), Waist: 23" around, Shoulders: 14" across, Sleeves: 19" long, Wrist Opening: 10" around, Length in front: 57", Length in back: 66". This dress has a scalloped hemline and it would be very hard to measure the distance around. SKIRT MEASUREMENT...Waist: 23" extended to 26", Length 40" in front, Length in back 60" (roughly).

Condition: This dress is in very good condition. I see no holes or tears to the main material. All of the buttons and bows are still intact. The silk lining in the upper part of the dress, still looks pretty good. The (now off white) ruffled material that is inside the sleeves and neck, has some holes and tears. The underskirt has several holes and tears in the upper part (see photo) but the bottom, that is the same material as the dress, looks good (I see no holes or tears and just minor soiling). For the age and material, it looks great!

This is a gorgeous 1870's example of a woman's fashionable clothing! It will certainly compliment any collection. Being offered as is and with No Reserve.

From Me:

This is just from the end of the natural form- when the bustle made it's come back. The front of the dress is still styled in the way we associate with natural form but the dress and underskirt both, desperately, want a bustle.

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