Tuesday, April 7, 2015

1850's Child's Striped Bodice

From the seller:

This is a very nice blue, brown and silver 1860's bodice. With a boat neck, double ruffled sleeves that are trimmed with black velvet. It's lined with white cotton, fastens with hidden hooks and eyes, has a panel of decorative velvet buttons at the closure.

It looks to be entirely hand sewn, doesn't seem to have been removed from a skirt. It's piped at the edges of the yoke, and at the shoulder seams, as well as at the bottom edge. There is a loop inside at the waist, perhaps to attach to a skirt fastener.

The note inside id's it as belonging to the Tyler family, Brattleboro.

There is underarm staining that shows through to one underarm, on the outside, as some fading and slight discoloration, the other underarm lining has some slight discoloration that does not show through. I see a few, very small weaknesses to the fabric to sleeves. I will be listing several other items belonging to this family, including an id'd Civil War bridesmaid's outfit, over the next couple of days.

From Me:

....So...The seller could read the ID inside and yet missed the part where it says it's probably at least a good decade older than the seller states?

Given the neckline, shoulders, and sleeves, I agree with the museum or whomever made the note on the inside of the bodice.

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