Monday, April 27, 2015

1920's (?) Headdress

From the seller:

Here we present to you, an extremely rare and substantial piece that came from a single collector as part of a time capsule collection that spanned some 40 years. The Kokoshniks are Russian headdresses traditionally worn during the 18th and 19th centuries. They had an abundance of ornamentation, more than any other type of Russian garment. This late Edwardian (est. 1908) period costume headdress is decorated with unusual hollow glass pearls, found in garments dating from the same period. The traditional caul has magnificent height and is fashioned of green velvet to form the crown of the headdress.

Heavily embroidered with metallic thread edging, stones, glass pearls, gilt sequins, large gold metallic braids and fringe. The piece is backed in green silk and satin. Size is 24 1/2 inches. Generous size and wearable as Edwardian era headpieces were generally larger, because of the hairstyles. A well preserved and original piece of history. Ready to wear.

Authentic antique headpiece
Era: 1900
Style: Russian
Silk / Satin / Velvet / Glass / Metal / Faux Pearls
Slips On
No Fastenings
Color: Green
Fabric: Silk / Velvet / Satin
Care: Gentle Hand Clean / No Detergents / No Polish

Estimated Size: Large
Light-Medium Weight
Model is size 22 inch Head
Circumference is 24.5”

Excellent. This headdress is well preserved and in original state with rich patina, museum quality. No damage.

From Me:

I *think* this is 1920's due to the way it's designed on the sides.

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