Tuesday, April 21, 2015

1880's Bustle Era Dress With Green Velvet Details

From Simon:

The dress was listed as 1870s, but i don't think could be more 80s if it tried? Its a pale greeny beige, maybe it was a stronger green to start with, and is made of wool, with velvet lapels. She's tiny, i had to partially unstuff the mannequin to get the bodice on - the waist is 21 inches. The skirt is one of those great ones that doesn't need a lot under it, it does all the work itself - it has a button attached at the centre back waistband, which i'm guessing was to make sure you didn't put it on backwards? Its like a puzzle with a multitude of pleats and gathers.

I love the military on acid shoulder detail, same as the neckline - i think something would have been worn underneath, otherwise its quite daring. The bodice is fully boned, and quite a short length - maybe a young persons style?

From Me:

Having ribbons on your shoulder was a thing in 1886, as the above fashion plates show. The lack of the basque waist and the shaping to the sleeves also suggest a mid to late 1880's date.

Thank you for sharing, Simon!


  1. Those fashion plates are yummy! I need me some bows on mine!

    1. I know one fashion plate is from etsy but the source page is no longer up. I got all three all of pinterest.