Saturday, October 10, 2015

Early 1870's White Bustle Era Dress

From the seller:

An exceptional 1870’s white stripe cotton 3 piece summer seaside ensemble that has been de-accessioned from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The fabric has a stripe pattern that has a raised dotted pattern. The ensemble consists of a bodice, bustled over skirt and underskirt. The bodice has a flared hip peplum that is trimmed with lace. The sleeve cuffs are also trimmed with lace. The bodice is unlined and has a front button closure. The over skirt is bustled at the back and has a long apron front. There are ties on the inside for adjusting the bustle affect. The hemline is trimmed with lace. The underskirt has a wide ruffle bottom that is trimmed with lace. The overskirt and underskirt are both unlined. The dress is in very good and sturdy condition. There is one small peas size hole on the back of the bodice and the under skirt has two I inch holes in the bottom ruffle. There is a soil line on the side of the over skirt. (See photo.) Bust 34 Waist 24 Skirt length 39.

From Me:

The lines of the bodice follow the green dress whereas the lines of the skirt follow the wedding gown. The fashion plate is from 1872. I so want to fluff my skirts like the little girl looking in the mirror. This needs to be the new photo taking trend to replace the shoe shots and Regency Wedgie shots.


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    1. :-) Looks like it would be a fun but simpler one to make for the summer months.