Sunday, October 11, 2015

Edwardian Dickie

From the seller:

This is an antique "Dickie", or under blouse. It is covered with soutache embroidery on a cream cotton sleeveless garment. It has bad fading on the tan trim and some discoloration under the underarms. Great for a photo shoot, or theatre costume. Would have been worn with a corset of course. Measurements are approx 32" bust, 22" waist, 18" total length. I do not price returns, so please ask questions before you purchase. Thank you kindly.

From Me:

This was probably for a teenager to make her outfits more modest in the late Edwardian age. By 1908, the high necks finally started to fall out of favor. My guess is this was either part of a dress and ripped out, or worn beneath as a "modesty" panel. Either way, by the 1910's, such things were rare.

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