Sunday, October 4, 2015

What Samantha Really Wore in 1904

From the seller:

Circa late 1800’s-1900, a matching gown for lady and her daughter.. a lovely fabric, woven printed silk or muslin floral silk gauze with black velvet on the edges sleeves and bodices. In very good overall strong condition, there are a few areas which need to be seen to… there is damage on top part of childs dress near neckline on both sides and a couple of openings in childs skirt . and a area with damage at back of neckline on ladies bodice... There is alot of fabric in the gown to use and so I think a good seamstress could actually work on these… there are a few other small openings in bodice.Perhaps one could add some fabric and fix top of childs dress by adding folded ruching..The skirt has 5-6 small openings and on one seam there is some seperation so this needs to be seen to ..Part of a museum deaccession and it is suprising to find this type of lovely fabric in strong condition. My thoughts…. well worth repairing… but if not, then the fabric is quite lovely to use.I always test this type of fine fabric as I want to make sure … so it is strong…Buyer may view and return for refund if they do nto agree with my assessment.

From Me:



Pintucks, even horizontal, were very much a thing in the early Edwardian era. And yes, even small children had the whole pigeon front thing going on. The child's dress is what Samantha of the American Girl's collection dolls would have worn.

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