Saturday, July 7, 2012

1890's Polka Dots and Bows Dress

From the seller:

1880's Green & Brown Polka Dot Bustle Gown: What great eye candy. The over netting of chocolate brown with geometric motif over green silk is just stunning. The long train adds so much sophistication to the over all look. There are bows at the cuffs and on the hem of the dress. The bust is 32, the waist is 26, the front of the skirt measures 41 inches. There are repairs to the netting of the skirt. The ones that are close to the top of the waist band in the front do not show when the bodice is on. There are some
other repairs here and there. The largest repair is at the back, medium height on the skirt seam and I have photographed it. There are some small holes in the netting. Nothing offensive. This gown makes a wonderful display piece as you can see. Will quote Reserve upon request.

From Me:


...Okay, so, it's not 1880's but it probably is an early 1890's so that can be forgiven. ;-) You can tell by the shape of the sleeve that they were just either getting into the puffy sleeve madness or just coming out of it. Also, I seriously doubt that this was originally brown - it looks like it was black and just faded.

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