Monday, July 9, 2012

Turn of the Century Black Blouse

From the seller:

1890's Floral Appliqué Bodice: This black silk bodice from the 1890's has a large floral appliqué on the front. The waist is 24 and the bust is 33. There is some underarm wear and the right arm has some splitting that could be stabilized if you wanted to wear it. There is a 3 inch tear and a 2 inch tear right by the back seam of the same sleeve. If nothing else the lace appliqué’s would be great to use on other projects. The bidding will start at .99 with no reserve..

From me:

Although I can see why the seller thinks this might be 1890's, I think this is very early 1900's. The blouse itself looks rather plain at first but look at that waist detail!

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