Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ring the 4th of July 1907 style!

From the seller:

Unique C1907 colorful patriotic handmade flag dress, paper and cotton
Made in three pieces, bodice, skirt and apron which wraps around the skirt
The red and white parts of the dress are cotton, the blue and the stars are crepe paper
The belt and shoulder strap are made on newspaper ond one of the pieces used is dated 1907
The waist measures about 24-25", the skirt is 39" long.  The bodice is made on an old white chemise which buttons up the front and has a 36" or slightly larger bust measurement.
The red and white material is a coarse loosely woven cotton.  The overall condition is good and wearable.  The red of the bodice has bled through in the underarm area.  This is not weak however.  The blue crepe paper in the front of the bodice has been taped on the backside in several places so it is a bit weak here.
The belt and shoulder piece are not complete, but could be made to work
This would make a great patriotic display on a mannequin

From Me: I had to save this one for the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day, America!

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