Friday, July 6, 2012

1920's Ivory Gown

From the seller:

for your consideration, this estate sale find! what a bombshell gown, ivory with sequin and glass beading and SILK satin shirring around the neck and armholes!!...this was lovingly preserved for many years, has a very gauze-like slip sewn right in! A lovely flowing cut gown to show off all the right curves, and to show off the posterior side and the hips as well!!...and is a very flattering style..measurements are approximately to 38" bust, 40" waist, 42 hip..length is overall 42" from shoulder.. no fabric content labels, but the dress is very linen, lace, and light weight and summery...Dress is perfectly wearable right now as is. see photos. Over the head entry...there are a couple of faint character spots, one of which I can't even seem to photograph it is so faint..see last two photos...Absolutely a treasure which is crying to be worn! Good luck bidding! Payment due within 48 hours of bid close.

From Me:

I'm almost tempted to say this is a wedding gown based on the lace, silk, and beading.

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