Monday, July 9, 2012

Frothy Teens Era Dress

From the seller:

The photos do not do justice to this amazing dress!.
This is an exceptional example of a late Edwardian dress, 1915 - 1916, in an ivory net with silk ribbon trim. I have the dress stuffed with fiberfill and a gold cloth under it so that you can see some of the details - the last two photos I took out the stuffing and the gold cloth.
The top has lace and netting with the net done in draped points edged in the silk ribbon. It is also decorated with little silk balls and a wide silk band around the waist. The bottom of the dress is sheer with layers of the net edged in silk ribbon and a silk ball in the back. The top layer of net is done in the points.

It fastens with tiny snaps, hooks, and loops.

There are some stains (photos) and a few tiny pin holes in the netting. The netting is not dry and the silk is not shattered.

Measurements: ( It is a small size as you can see from the measurements)

shoulder to shoulder....15"
neck to hem......48"

From Me:

What the seller said. ;-)

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