Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Late 1920's/early 1930's Evening Dress

From the seller:

We hope you see how GLORIOUS this piece is! It is beyond AMAZING!
Can you imagine how much time and detailed labor it took to complete this ONE-OF-A-KIND piece?
This is one of our Featured items in the store, from the 1920s.
Considering its age - it is 90 years old - the impeccable fabric and craftsmanship stand the test of time supremely.
This is a beyond-words custom-made, hand-made, beautifully & intricately & supremely hand-beaded evening dress in black silk.
It features a sheer V-shape on the chest, an open V-shaped back, and the skirt is 3 layers of silk, silk chiffon outer skirt with a ruffled bottom, and beaded tassel tails on Front AND Back!
It has a bodice band and opens through 3 layers of hook-and-eye clasps on the back.
Size XS/S
Chest up to 33”
Under Chest 26”
Waist up to 28”
Hips up to 36”
Total Length 54”
Condition MINT!
Imperfection/s None, really!!!
This is basically in PERFECT condition!
There may be some loose glass beads here and there that we didn't see,
but if so these are easily replaceable and absolutely fixable!
Check out the handiwork - it is absolutely handmade!

From Me:

Given the way the bust is, I think this is more early 1930's than late 1920's - but it could have been "updated" given the Great Depression.

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