Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Romantic Era Stays

From the seller:

This auction is for an original early 19th C womans' / young girl's soft but heavy cotton completely hand sewn stay / corset. Because of the metal grommets which were invented some time around late 1820s, the front center slot for a busk that would give the front a very simple straight line, the waistline dropping down towards a more normal level and the wide shoulder straps, I tend to date it 1830s. Created in three panels; the front along with the busk insert has a 1/2" wide seam on each side starting 3/4 of the way down - it then meets up to the bottom of the insert forming a V. On top of each back panel starting over at the shoulders, there are 3 - 1/8" seams that run 1/3" downward to meet the grommets. Tkae note the curviture of the grommets shape, quite a nipped waistline. It is in extremely good clean condition. The front panel measures 11" wide at the top, 9" at the waist and 11" at the hem, top of 2.5" wide shoulder to hem is 16". Back panels at the top shoulder seam to grommet edge is 6", 5.5" at the waist and 10" at the bottom hem. A truly rare find of the era and condition, it was acquired from a private very prominent Washington D C Collection over 20 yrs ago and has been in a climate controlled environment all these years.

From Me:

I almost think this might be a re-enactor's stays except the seller says that theses are from a DC collection. I'm guessing part of the DAR liquidation.

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