Monday, December 28, 2015

Edwardian Lace Dress

From the seller:

We have several Antique / Vintage Ladies Dresses we will be Listing, hopefully we will get them in the proper Category!

Antique Ladies Dress, we believe this one to be from the Victorian/Edwardian Era. Will have to say this one is for Study or Repurpose as the main fabric of the dress is deteriorating, however there is a ton of lace that is good for salvage, it is quite musty though, so you may want to give the lace an airing before use. Can't find any major damage to all the lace, perhaps one or two small holes or a light stain or two. Did a slight tug test in a few places, seems to be good, imagine if you tugged hard enough it would rip. Would say it is a small to a small medium. It has a ton of ecru embroidered net lace on the front, back, sleeves and down the sides, the back has pintucks of the embroidered lace, gorgeous lace at the chest with matching lace appliques down further, on the sleeves, and the sides as well, luv the ribbon bobbles on this one !!! All the ribbon is in pretty good shape too, a couple of holes where it meets in the back at the waist. On the inside chest area there is a piece of netting all is attached too, it has a little bit of staining to it. Also a plastic type boning at the neck, see photo. The inside fabric is deteriorating as well, there is boning and lots of hook &eye closures from it for use as well. Also an organza type fabric behind the lace on the side panels, some of it may be useable as well.

From Me:

This is either a UFO or someone ripped the satin of the skirt off years later. The cotton wasn't ever meant to be seen.

1909 Fashion Plate

The double sleeve gives away the age as well as the height of the waistline - late Edwardian about 1909 ish.

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