Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Late 19th Century Chinese Embroidered Coat

From the seller:

Beautiful Antique C1920 Embroidered Blue Silk Chinese Robe

It is embroidered with creatures and flowers in many areas(please see photos).

It measures 45" long and about 42" around in the underarm area.

Closure is with black frogs down the front, and it is lined with blue silk.

Condition is very good. There is slight wear along the edges of the cuffs, and around the neck. The lining is faded in places as well.

Estate found here in Maine, offered with no reserve.

From Me:

I know this is before the 1920's only because by the time you hit the 1920's in China, you see a lot of change in fashion. The Cheongsam dress that most westerners are probably familiar with comes into play in the 1920's. Based on the other examples I found, I'm favoring the late 19th Century. One report I read suggested these were sold to Westerners in the 1920's as cast offs - most of the robes were from the 1880's to about 1910. This, of course, makes sense.

Turn of the 20th Century

Mid 19th Century

Mid 19th Century

And, if you are like me and love some good costuming (this has a mix of historical and fantasy) check out this page.

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