Thursday, December 24, 2015

Turn of the Century Black Lace Dress

From the seller:

1890's Black Lace and Yellow Dinner Gown: This late Victorian gown was created in the 1890's of a soft yellow cotton and black cotton lace in a floral pattern. It has Moire silk ribbon accents. The bust is 32, the waist is 23, the shoulders are 11 and the skirt length is 41 inches. There are some hooks and eyes missing and there is one place on the front dicky where the lace needs repair. The black silk ribbon neckband is splitting. It could be replaced or conserved. The buckle at the front waist is loose. The lining is in good condition and there are no underarm stains. It makes a stunning display. It is quite elegant.

From Me:

I think this one looks pretty on display but I wouldn't want to wear it. To me, that lace ruff looks itchy. :-)

1898 Magazine Page via Zinne Art

The shoulder ruffles like this were popular in 1897/1898.

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