Friday, June 3, 2016

1850's Bodice Redone in the 1860's

From the seller:

1860's Iridescent Silk & Plaid Bodice: This is a beautiful bodice of two types of silk. A bronze iridescent and a blue silk plaid. It has a waist of 24”, and a bust of 32”. It is lined in cotton and was de-accessed from the University of Maryland. The bell shape sleeves are fabulous. The silk has some wear with one inch split on the back. See photo. Most of the hooks and eyes are original, but some are missing and some have been replaced. The underarms are stained and repaired. See photos. This would be good for display, design or education purposes.

From Me:

1854 Fashion Plate

The tiered pagoda sleeves like this were popular in the mid 1850's. The bodice was redone slightly however to give a straight waistline - which is consistent with the mid-1860's styles. It was probably redone about 1864- ten years after it was originally made.

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