Friday, June 3, 2016

Cinderella, eat your heart out! Titanic Era/Early Teen's Ribbon Floral Lace Gown

From the Seller:

A wonderful ornate gown… quite luminous with masses of lovely silk ribbon rosettes and lace deocrations.A golden yellow silk with numerous decorative silk saw tooth or Vandyke trim and ruching on the skirt and bodice with lovely garlands of silk roses and leaf garlands.The gown has a inner label “ Robert,Paris ,75 Fauborg St Honore”.The gown is in overall good strong condition but the lace needs to be replaced.I have left some of this on, so that one can see where the lace needs to be replaced if desired.The sleeves had a layer of lace that was attached over the pretty cap sleeves,the ribbon garlands draped over the lace on the sleeves. At the bottom part of the gown there was a inner lining of silk and chiffon which gave a fullness to the bottom part of gown ,the inner silk is damaged and there is some reattachment of the chiffon ruffle that needs to be done.So …. In good strong condiiton, inner lining at bottom has adage, inner chiffon needs reattaching in a few places and lace can be added to parts of the gown if desired.A wonderful gown to restore as it will look quite superb displayed.I am including the damaged lace, the netting is damaged but perhaps the flower and leaves can be used .

All lace has been stored for a long time and so needs to be laundered.

From Me:

Doesn't this look like something Cinderella would have worn to the ball? It's just so lovely, feminine, and ornate! I am in love with this dress!

There is a dress on page 4 of this PDF that has some similar ribbon work but only around the hem.

This dress is probably from around 1911-1913 based on the shaping, the high waistline, and the use of lace.


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    1. Yeap! Every time I look at this dress, I see something new about it. It's just crazy and yet stunning at the same time.