Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ladies Victorian vest

From the seller:

Up for bid is a c1890s taffeta ladies' vest in an iridescent copper with a floral sprigged, polka dotted and navy stripped pattern. There are two rows of iridescent shell buttons -- a decorative row of five and a functional row of four. The bottom button on the functional row is missing and the top popped off during handling and will be sent along to the buyer in a separate envelope.

The edges of the waist are pinked. The underarms and back of the vest are polished brown cotton and the lining has two bones and seven hooks and eyes. The bust is 31", the waist is 22", and the length from the shoulder is 15.25". Aside from the button situation, the vest is in good condition.

I ship worldwide! Feel free to email with any questions. Thank you for looking at my auction and happy bidding!

From Me:

I think this might be earlier but I'm really not sure. You see vests in the Bustle and Natural Form eras:

Both the above are from the 1880's and I think this vest might be even a bit earlier. The button layout is similar to those of the late 1870's/early 1880's.

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