Sunday, June 12, 2016

Late Edwardian Blue Dress

From the seller:

You are bidding on:
From a local estate,an amazing and extraordinary,Victorian/Edwardian,(possible cir.1860's-1870's?)dress. Before I describe the dress I will mention that the dress shaped mold will not be included in this auction,(It looks like it can be taken apart below the form which is attached to the metal stand.) It is more than likely not as old as the dress. I can't say enough about the beauty of this antique dress and the exquisite intricate sewn on embroidered lace motifs!
I will describe the dress to the best of my ability . Believed to be quite rare,with the solid light-blue silk complimented by a blue matching silk under-bodice or under slip. The dress buttons up the front with silk blue buttons, and the outer bodice has some large silk buttons in the same matching color. There is black netted lace around the top front and back. It has separated in some places and will need to be restored as well some other areas of the dress. The dress is quite old and will need to be cleaned in places and will take some restoration in other places ,as I mentioned. PLEASE,look at the pic's closely and determine if you want to purchase this amazing dress! Fully restored,this dress will be as good as any museum piece! Selling for "restoration",restore,"as is ",no return","all sales final". Additional pic's are available upon request!
The measurements I am giving are as follows:
68" top to bottom of the dress
19" across the shoulders
22" across the bustle
21" arm length

The dress mold stand is:
59" top to bottom
35" waist to top of form
16" from bottom cast feet stand to waist form
16" across cast metal feet stand
Shipping quote is below. Our store policies are also described below. This will be very carefully packaged with the best handling possible and lots of protection to assure safe shipping

From Me:

....1860's? Do you see room for a crinoline under that skirt? Seriously! And the dress is on backwards on the dress form! The row of buttons go down the back, not the front.

1909 Fashion Plate
On a far more somber note, I know it won't mean much but I do extend my prayers to the families and victims of the Orlando shooting.  No matter your political colors, to kill 50 people in cold blood is nothing but cowardliness.

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