Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mid to Late1860's Corsage in dark Velvet

From the seller:

Up for bid is a late Victorian black velvet corset bodice of a style I have seen referred to in another listing as "folk costume." It is decorated with white and silver beading and metal pieces both sewn into floral shapes. The beading seems to be all intact. One of the metal decorations is missing (see fifth photo). There is general wear to the edges of the corset that has produced several bare spots, one of which is pictured in photo #6. The velvet is otherwise in good shape, although, being velvet, also prone to attracting hair; rest assured that the bodice will be thoroughly lint-rollered prior to shipping.

The bodice is lined in brown polished cotton which has fifteen bones sewn in. It fastens in front with fourteen hooks and eyes, all intact. Sewn into the placket alongside the hooks are five metal rings whose purpose is unclear; you can see these in the last photo. Each strap fasten to the body of the bodice via two hooks and four cloth eyes (one cloth eye is detached).

The corset bodice has a 33" bust, 26.5" waist, and is 12" long down the front.

From Me:

1865 Fashion Plate

I've mentioned it before, but here is my write up on why this is called a corsage and not a waist. If you look at the fashion plate above, you'll notice the small "flap" on the back of the corsage - similar to the one in this extant piece. Although the extant one is clearly a folk bodice piece, it's also following some of the lines of fashion. The embroidery is typical for the mid 1860's and the lowered front at the neck (now nipple!) line is also typical for the mid to late 1860's.

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