Monday, July 4, 2016

1880's Bustle Tea Gown With Fabulous Rose Print

From the seller:

A wonderful design of roses on this silk robe/gown. The label “Meuller Gilbert,Rue De La ?,Paris”.The item is lined in silk and has inner bone stays and has a wide ruffle of lace around the edges, and a velvet collar.The dress and silk are overall in good STRONG condition…. but there is a lot of damagein the arms…one armhole is worst than the other… but as the rest of the gown is so strong, perhaps it is possible to make new sleeves out of the edges? The lace around the majority of the gown is good but there is one missing area on edge of gown where it was probably stepped on, 20” area.. and another 3” tear in lace that can be easily sewn up. rest of the gown is in such good condition… fabric is good and strong.. It would be nice if it could be repaired..but if not, one has all the fabric, the silk lining and lace to use .. so quite alot to use! The area at the back where they would have worn a hoop has a good amount of fabric.

From Me:

Why do people think that changing the profile of the dress by taking fabric from one area to repair another is a good idea? Am I the only one that grew up reading Hiram's Red Shirt? You do not even take apart modern clothing to repair another part - it weakens the overall outfit and changes the profile of it. Instead, you find a similar fabric in weave (not necessarily color!) and patch it up without taking fabric from elsewhere.

1880's Tea Gowns tend to have that high collar with a bit of lace somewhere on them.

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