Sunday, July 10, 2016

Teen's Era Evening Gown with Sequins!

From the seller:

All Part of a museum deaccession of clothing… a heavily sequined early gown or dress with inner red and cream silk lining, netting and covered extensively with numerous sequins.In mainly overall good strong condition but it does need some work.. there are some scattered openings in black net,some loss of fringe on edge of gown,some light stains on inner cream silk and some of the inner red silk has some loss.Overall the dress is in very good strong condition. We will accept a return in the US for this item as I think the drsss shouls be seen but must be returned after delivery. Unfortunately we cannot do this for Europe… overall.. think the right person could work on this as it is quite strong.Also we realize we did not get pictures of the back of the gown…just as ornate with the red ribbon crossing over the cream inner silk in a bow.

From Me:

1917 Fashion Plate
Really, there isn't much to say.  The fashion plate above is pretty self explanatory.

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