Saturday, July 23, 2016

1890's White Dot Dress

From the seller:

A beautiful 1895 dotted silk wedding dress that has been de-accessioned from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The label reads Mlle M. Werner, 198 East 27th Street, New York. The bodice has huge leg od mutton styles sleeves. It is decorated with ivory satin ribbon and bows. The bodice is lined with silk and has a front hook and eye closure. The skirt is lined with silk. The dress is in good and sturdy condition. The silk lining in the bodice is splitting. There are two light colored 5 inch drip marks and one 2 inch drip mark on the skirt front. There is no underarm discoloration. Bust 30 Waist 20 Skirt length 41.

From Me:

I did a quick check and couldn't find this one either. Maybe it was part of the Brooklyn Museum collection and not the Met? It is 1890's though! check out the sleeves and whatever that is at the waist.

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