Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lovely Late Edwardian Embroidered and Lace Summer Dress

From the seller:

An Antique Handmade Ladies Formal Dress 1800's with Crocheted Buttons

A most unusual long ladies dress...located at an estate sale... Handmade long sleeves formal dress..with appliqué ..covered buttons as a decoration all down the front and at the edge of the sleeves..Hooks and eyes in the back and at the end of the sleeves..A heavy cotton fabric...Condiiton...some fading.. some stains..Unique dress...

From Me:

There is nothing unusual about this dress and it's not as unique as the seller believes. Nor is it formal. Or from the 1800's. I really wish people would take maybe 10 minutes to do some research on some fashion plates and realize that what they are looking at is a day dress from the early 20th century and not something peculiar.

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