Friday, July 1, 2016

Turn of the Century Evening Bodice

From the seller:

This is an interesting, antique, corset top that is very fragile and only for study or pattern. It is interesting because it has hooks with eyes on the same side as the holes for lacing it. There are eleven stays sewn inside and a band that hooks at the waist. There are flowers inside netting, sewn on one half, and velvet on the other. The sleeves are netting with velvet bows. Actually, I think that the adornments were a later addition. It measures approximately 27 1/2" around the bottom x 31" around the top x 25" around the middle x 13" long where it laces x 16" long (from the shoulders, down). It is not in very good condition with tears to the silk and. the silk that isn't torn, tears easily. Some of the velvet adornment is soiled and the ties, that lace it up, are not with it. The part without the adornments is definitely Victorian to Edwardian but I'm not sure about the rest. A very nice piece to use as a pattern or study.

From Me:

Well, it's not a corset top - that's something that came to be about 100 years after this did. The flowers were not a later addition - they were actually meant to only be on one shoulder - ti was a thing in the late 1890's. See the bodice below in the 1897 fashion plate:

1897 Fashion Plate

See the yellow bodice?  Flowers on one side.  

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