Saturday, November 5, 2016

1870's Unfinished Object! 1860's/1870's Remake into an almost Natural Form dress

From the seller:

Women's Victorian Two Piece Dress

Presented for your consideration is this neat Victorian dress. The dress consists of 2 pieces, a large shirt and a button up jacket. The skirt has a flared design with a small waist and a the skirt gradually flares out into a bell-like shape. On the back of the skirt are two hooks for attaching the skirt to the inside back of the jacket. Skirt measures approximately 38" long. The jacket has a pleaded design across the chest with a beautiful beaded accent on the front. Buttons on the jacket have matching beads on them. Bottom of the jacket is flared at the bottom to blend easily with the skirt. Jacket, when buttoned, measures 9" wide at the waist, 11" armpit to armpit and approximately 23" long. No labeling to indicate a maker or a size. This neat dress would make a great addition to any antique clothing collection! Great for a theater or steampunk costume!

Skirt has some mild wear with a few tiny tears and some water staining on the front. One button is loose from the jacket but could easily be sewn back into place. Another button is missing and a small split is in the seam near the neck. A small stain is on the back, bottom edge of the jacket. Typical mild wear from age. Overall in VERY GOOD condition. Sold AS IS. Please refer to the photos for the best details.

From Me:

Okay, the reason this looks so weird is because it was never finished. Just check out the neckline. What is awesome about it is you can easily see how much this was remade. The sleeves still have that 1860's curve at the elbow but the front is all 1875/1876.

1875 Fashion Plate
1876 Fashion Plate

The lady who was making this was trying to have that placket in the center front similar to the 1875 fashion plate but with a pleated neck fill like the 1876 dress. The jacket is particularly interesting since it looks like the peplum was added later - possibly from a fuller 1860's skirt.   The jacket back has maintained it's 1860's appearance but the front looks like it was redone a couple of times - the excess fabric and the lack of lining on the front side confirms this.

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