Thursday, November 3, 2016

Teen's Era Simple Linen Dress

From the seller:

Here is a true vintage, antique Edwardian dress circa 1910. This was a beautiful day dress in its time and would be a stunning bridal gown today. Yes, this linen and lace dress needs restoration and repair. For this reason - and because fit is hard to judge online - this dress is being sold as is. Most stains are from the original covered button and hook-and-eye closures as well as from perspiration under the arms. Some buttons and closures are missing and a few tears/holes, including to the lace at the high neck, require mending. The approximately two inch hem has come undone in places and has been pinned. A composite photo of measurements is provided (may be hard to read measurements on smart phones, computer viewing suggested) and questions are welcomed!

If you are undaunted by a project and appreciate the graceful looks worn by Michelle Dockery and Elizabeth McGovern while strolling the grounds at Downton Abbey, this may be the dress for you!

From Me:

Well, first, this is more of a kitchen maid's dress...

1912 Sears Catalog

The dress is probably from about 1912/1913. The neckline is starting to come down but it's still high.  The cut of the dress lacks any fullness in the skirt.  I really love the simple embroidered touches at the cuffs.

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