Monday, January 23, 2017

1890's Green Velvet Dress Bodice

From the seller:

Fresh to market from NY antique estate.

Silk lined, soft lush velvet, silk jabot (if you will in front) and smaller pleated satin on the back on top of neck. Has stays as depicted, hook and eyes on front. Gorgeous beading on front, back sides and sleeves. Thin shattered lace on wrist cuffs. 13" across shoulders x 18" long x 24" waist x 32" chest. I find no loss to the gorgeous bead work. I find no holes or damage with the exception of the front white silk being grungy. On very careful inspection there are a few teeny rust spots. Feels firm and strong, however I am offering this only for "pattern, study, display, or refurbish.

Gorgeous addition for any antique clothing collection.

From Me:

1894 Fashion Plate

I can easily see this as a lady's Christmas dress bodice. The style ends at the natural waist and doesn't appear to have the pigeon front yet. I believe this is from 1893/1894 time frame.


  1. Oooh, the fabric is beautiful! Now I really want to sew something velvet with beads.

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