Friday, January 20, 2017

Late Edwardian/ Early Teen's Era Dress

From the seller:

Antique sheer cotton? dress in good condition has some wear and stains see pics. I got this from a antique steamtrunk. Dress is very light and airy.

From Me:

Since the seller gives us almost nothing...

The dress appears to be out of a light voile cotton print. In some of the photos, you can make out small leaf-y branches. The lack of a collar but still high neckline was popular at the end of the Edwardian and into the early Teen's era. What marks this as early Teen's is the sleeves - the fitted sleeve coming down about to the elbow with a bit of a ruff. For an Edwardian dress, with this closure and that neckline, you would expect a fuller sleeve.

Probably about 1911-1912. There is a similar printed dress in this 1912 fashion plate in the upper right hand corner. It has the same neckline and sleeve style as well as a similar print look.

1912 fashion Print

The lady seated in the print has a dress on with a similar neckline and a side closure like the extant gown.


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