Friday, January 6, 2017

Beautiful 1880's Bodice

From the seller:

Beautiful heavily braided bodice, with velvet trim. It has waist and front closure. Not sure what the fabric is but feels like a woven cotton. Teal like color.

~Gold braid

~Lovely velvet trim, but shows wear.

~13 bones, nicely finished lining.

~Front closure, 20 hooks and eyes (2 extra bones under the hooks and eyes).

~3/4 length sleeves, with velvet and gold braid trim.

~Some pin holes and wear. A couple of marks/stains (but don't stand out)

This is a very sturdy bodice, but could use some light needle work.


Armpit to armpit 16"

Shoulder to shoulder 12"

Front shoulder to bottom 21"

Back shoulder to bottom 20"

Waist 26"

From Me:

1886 Fashion Plate

This bodice is so very 1880's - the way it's cut, the trim lines, the line of the bodice, that little tail in the back of the bodice.   If you follow the link beneath the fashion plate, you'll be able to find the same fashion plate and view it BIG.   There, it should be easier to see the "velvet" waist trim on the fashion plate bodice...which is also very much like the extant bodice here.   :-)


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