Friday, January 20, 2017

1890's Women's Jacket

From the seller:

This antique Victorian era black wool womens winter sportswear ice skating mutton sleeve coat dates from 1890. It is made of a black heavy wool fabric. This wonderful womens winter sportswear ice skating coat jacket has a short mid length fitted tailored style, with leg of mutton gigot style long full sleeves voluminous on the upper arm and tapering down to a tight fit cuff, double breasted carved mother of pearl button front closure, side pockets, a fold over lapel collar with velvet trim decorative stitching accents and has remnants remaining of the original black silk lining inside. The coat measures 25 inches long, with a 38 inch bust, 28 inch waist, 25 inch long sleeves and is 11 inches across the back shoulder seam. It is in fair as-is condition, has not been cleaned. has several small stains, slight fade discoloration in areas, frayed inside lining, is missing a mop button and has several small moth holes scattered in areas (see close-ups). Great for design, display, study or pattern. This is truly a rare and unique piece of antique Victoriana womens sportswear wearable art!

From Me:

It dates from the 1890's not 1890 - there is a big difference there. Drives me nuts when people do that. 1890 is a year - technically still a part of the 1880's. There was no year zero. When a monk during the "dark ages" decided to set up the calender we all now use, he was using his Roman math - the zero hadn't been introduced or used in the Western world. That would happen a few centuries later. 1890's is a decade. This jacket is not from 1890, it is from the 1890's.

1893 Fashion Plate

The jacket is most likely from 1893/1894.


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