Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bustle Era Bodice

From the seller:

Antique silk bodice, tan with medium brown stripes
1. original not reproduction
2. partly hand stitched partly machine stitched
3. stunning quality, note the detail on the bottom and on the sleeves
4.good but not perfect condition
6. no underarm stains
7. not torn, not repaired, no rot
8. two very light spots bottom left side, see to photo, this is hardly noticeable
9. sewn in bone
10. fully line with tan cotton including sleeves
11. button glass buttons
12. wonderful construction, seams all hand
13. also light stain on bottom side in back, also not very noticeable overcast
1. neck, 13 in.
2. across shoulders, 13 in.
3. sleeves, 16 in. not including the ruffle
4. waist 22 in.
5. bust, 30 in.
6. length 22 in.
7. hips 34
Bow on front is pinned on
Wonderfully made,
I have quote priority shipping handling includes packing and tracking

From Me:

The length of the bodice and the high neck suggests that it's probably from the early-ish 1880's.

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