Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1820's Straw Bonnet

From the seller:

Marvelous, and a once in a life time find. Romantic, genuine antique, 1820s straw bonnet, trimmed with the original, very wide, French silk ribbons in a beautiful blue & ivory floral pattern. Deep crown was referred to as a poke bonnet or coal scuttle, and the hat is constructed of a dense, tightly woven, fine Milan straw braid in its natural golden color. The bonnet is not flimsy, it is very sturdy and dense, quite strong, and stiffly woven, with a bit of weight to it. Really is one of the finest and sturdiest straw bonnets I have seen from this time period. The interior is under-lined in a blue stiff paper over which a fine blue silk makes up the bonnet's lining....

This bonnet was purchased from a Philadelphia area museum over 20 years ago, and was inaccurately dated by the curator as "1837 lady's Spring bonnet with original French ribbons". After much research, I have dated the hat accurately to the early 1820s. There are several examples which are identical to this bonnet, found in some of the nation's most respected costume collections such as The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston..and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Could be as early as 1818....Whatever its actual age, it is an extremely rare and exciting millinery masterpiece for your collection.

I love the wide French silk ribbons, a treat to see ribbons this old....the bonnets brim is edged with a row of decorative, looser straw braid, which originally hide under the blue silk lining.....

I do not usually put reserves on my hats, but as this one is the exception. Thank you for looking, and enjoy!

CONDITION: The straw bonnet itself is very good, the trims have age as shown..... Please see the photos, and know that this rare hat is being sold for its museum worthy rareness and exceedingly scarce to see....almost no hats from this time period have survived....The straw bonnet itself is amazingly well preserved, very sturdy and strong, with no breaks or splits. The straw is not dried out or fragile feeling, and still has most of its lovely, original luster from the straw fibers. It is not out of shape or soiled, it is clean looking and has no odors or staining. the ribbon on the bonnet is good, some light staining (water marks) but is not falling off or ripped up, some flaws as plainly shown.....The lining has shredded as shown. The ribbon ties have come off and are in several large and a few small pieces, tattered in places, and are included to keep the bonnet extant and original. PLEASE ASK if you need more information, and I ask that you if you see the beauty and scarcity of this fine example of early 19th century millinery, regardless of its few flaws to the trims and lining. Thank you!

Due to the nature of this very antique hat which is over 170 years old, and it is amazing that it has survived at all, much less in this condition, this item is offered and sold "as is" and well described, as found, and as shown.... Low opening bid.....PLEASE ASK IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, prior to bidding......Please bid accordingly ......NO RETURNS ON Vintage and antique Hats!

From Me:

This is in amazing condition for it's age!

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