Monday, September 29, 2014

1880's Gauze Dress

From the seller:

Gauzey summer 1870 bustle gown trimmed in ruffles and needle lace. Size small. Bust 32 waist 25. Mending under arm and right sleeve. Patch and mended hole in back of skirt hidden by peplum of jacket displays beautifully . Slip is included but not chemise. Reserve is firm as it is the price paid for it. Shipping after August 10. International buyers are responsible for duties, however I will enter contents on duty form as 1870 vintage gown. Parasol is not included.

From Me:

It's an antique, not vintage. Anything over ~60 years old is an antique. Anything over an eon old is ancient.

Also, given how delicate the gauze looks, there is no way I'd put a parasol in the pocket - it will only rip the seams further.


  1. You are right, those little triangle pockets where considered decorative. I think the idea that they are for parasols came from a dress from back in the pre-history of the internets where someone styled it for a photo. Maybe on Karen Augusta's site? They would hold a handkerchief, that's about it.

    1. My thought is very simple on the idea of them being for parasols - If I did have a parasol in the pocket, I'd be annoyed by it within a half minute because my elbow would keep hitting the handle. I know me. I'd give up, take the parasol out, and just hang it off my wrist...all the time wondering why the heck I brought this stupid thing to begin with. ;-)