Monday, September 1, 2014

1880's Sample Corset

From the seller:

Extremly rare auth antique corset from the late 1800s .

Made of dark ecru cotton or linen ( very strong fabric ) and leather parts .

Extrem wasp waist .

Very well made .

GIFT ---> pink lacing .


Dark ecru , red and yellow ( leather parts ) .


No tag of size but the corset is very very small . Seems to be a XXXS actual size .

The lacing at the back can be adjusted and so the size can be larger .


Cotton or linen ( very strong fabric ) and leather parts .


The corset is in good condition for its age .
The only damage are many holes on the leather parts , spots and some red threads are disconnected .

From Me:

According to the corset itself, it's from 1883 (it says so on the busk). If anyone is curious as to why it's so small, it's a sample corset that a saleswo/man would have on display. Or, it could be from a doll.

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  1. Hehe, in 100 years, it'll be: "this was a children's corset, intended for torture and tightlacing."