Monday, September 1, 2014

1930's (?) Velvet Skirt

From the seller:

Gorgeous silk antique mid 1800's velvet skirt in a lovely midnight blue with a subtle touch of dark green..... Skirt has tears, so I am selling as a pattern study or put on mannequin, or restore it. Hook and eye closure,looks all handsewn. Wonderful antique piece.

Waist 28" Length front 41" Front back 55"

From Me:

Dude...have you ever even seen Gone with the Wind? This skirt looks nothing like those 1860's skirts. Nothing!


I really think this was part of a dress, probably 1930's but maybe earlier. No matter what, it's 20th Century. The way the seams are done and that style of finishing for the hooks and eyes are very 20th century.

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