Sunday, January 31, 2016

1920's Pink and Gold Party Dress

From the seller:

Antique & french evening gown.
Depression era
Pink silk and blond lace
In good condition Several stitches to sew,

From Me:

So the seller tells us...nothing.

Things I noticed: The pleated pink ribbon down the skirt. I haven't seen that before on a 1920's dress and find it interesting it's only on the skirt. The gold lace overlay - pretty obvious but notice how it's "baggy" with the spaghetti string slip beneath it. It makes me think that the pink slip beneath is just a modern replacement because they didn't really have those back then. This would also explain why the pink pleated ribbon doesn't match the underlying pink layer.

1924 Fashion Plate
Notice on the purple party dress in the fashion plate the baggy bodice section?  I'm pretty sure this gold dress is from about the same time period.   (Which is pre-depression era, btw)   I'm also pretty sure the pink underliner isn't original to the dress.  It may be but it just isn't the same shade of pink as the accents on the dress - which is odd in itself- and the spaghetti strap thing make me pretty sure it's modern.  (They did have thin strapped underdresses but not quite like this.)


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