Thursday, January 7, 2016

Teen's Era Satin and Lace Dress

From the seller:

Circa 1890-1900’s,a pretty silk and lace ladies tea gown with two layers os lace on the skirt and ruched wide ribbon band around the waist.In good condition, beautifully made,a few spots on ribbon ,one at back, MINOR.Measuring apprx. 60" long, apprx. 18-19" across chest,25-27" around waist to include back overlay of ribbon.
All items we list need to be cleaned.

From Me:

March 1914 Fashion
1914 Fashion Plate

This is so sweet looking! I think I know what I might make for my Easter dress this year. (It's in March this year! Only a couple of months and a couple of weeks away)

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