Saturday, January 16, 2016

Edwardian Dressing Gown

From the seller:

A very lovely 1890s Victorian breakfast / tea robe gown, created with the most beautiful multi color small paisley printed velveteen fabric and extensive detailing. Completely lined in cotton buckram. Black velvet ribbon is used to adorn many areas. The front and back are both styled with many vertical tucks - a front hooks and eyes 3/4 closure. A matching fabric wide collar the is adorned with a gorgeous original delicate Victorian black lace collar that matches the delightful sleeve cuffs; a hidden snap closure the is covered w black velvet ribbons and the most adorable small dangling balls that are made with matching paisley fabric. This is a larger size; created to be full and loose at it was worn in the morning before all the undergarments were to be put on for the day. Approx measurements are taken laying flat, closed and across; 17" shoulder seam to seam, 24" underarm to underarm, 31" waist, 39" hips, 54" length front mid shoulder to hem and 63" back length mid should to hem. In extremely good condition; there is minimal wear at the underarms. This absolutely stunning robe was acquired from a large collection of Victorian to Edwardian garments; I am not sure of the exact age as it is very detailed and meticulously machine sewn. It is very wearable and would make a superb display.

From Me:

Display, yes. Wear, no. These need to be kept for the next generation to study and admire. Wearing these garments destroys them.

Edwardian Dressing Gown

This style was popular between 1906~1908.  What I love about this one is the wild pattern.  It looks pink from far away but when you look closely, it's orange, brown, yellow, and red!


  1. Seriously? That backwards hand on the dummy freaked me out! I couldn't pay attention to the gown for the hand.