Monday, January 25, 2016

This Coat Would Have Been Quite Dramatic While I Cleaned Off The Truck Today...

From the seller:

Dramatic Vintage Edwardian Black Velvet Coat with Ornate Soutache Braid Trim

Puffed shoulder and roomy sleeves

Ivory Silk Satin Lining is in excellent condition except for a frayed area at the arm pits. One button loop iis fraying.

Measurements indicate that this coat belonged to a taller and larger woman than was common during the Edwardian Period.

Shoulder 16.5"
Sleeve 24"
Bust 36"
Waist 32"
Hips 42"
Length 53.5"

From Me:

The reason the sleeves are so "roomy" is because this is Victorian, not Edwardian. Check out the back photo and you can tell the sleeves just want to be puffed out, badly.

1892 Fashion Page via Vintage Reveries

The above is from 1892 and a 3/4 version of a coat very similar to this extant one.

I admit, I wasn't sure if this was Victorian or not at first. What sold me was the back photo and the buttons - we simply didn't have buttons like that in the 1980's or today. Really ridiculously embroidered coats? Yes, but not buttons quite like that.

...And I finally unburied my truck today. :-) I wore my pink coat I made a couple of years ago which isn't nearly as dramatic as this one.