Thursday, January 21, 2016

White Queen Bustle Era Dress

From the seller:

Fabulous 1880's Ivory Silk & French Brocade Wedding Gown: This wedding gown was made in the 1880's of ivory silk and French brocade. The bodice has a waist of 23 and bust of 32. The skirt has a waist of 24 and a front length of 40 inches. There is missing fabric under both arms and it is conserved with netting. This came from a museum de-accession. There is netting covering the edge of the waist on the left side. See photos. There is some discoloration to the fabric and some spotting. The stay is coming out on the left side front seam and has split the fabric there. There is fraying at the edges of the waist. There is no label. There are needle marks on the front bodice, it might have had orange blossoms or lace sewn down the front. The skirt has spots and stains and some minor splitting but it in overall sound condition. The back skirt piece should be sewn to the back lower bodice. You can see the pin marks on both pieces. I have pinned it in place for the photo. The dress will make a magnificent display piece with some work.

From Me:
I didn't find the original museum page but I'm pretty sure this is mid 1880's.

I'm curious if the netting is really just museum conservation (which I doubt would be applied to the outside) or if it's really that the trims got yanked off at some point and this is what is left of them. I'm leaning towards the second because the bodice is very plain.

..It still would make one heck of an evil queen dress though. I can't decide - Snow White evil queen or Alice in Wonderland White Queen?

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